Community Life

Eagan Hills Alliance Church is a Christian community sharing life together, Glorifying God, Loving People.  As part of this, we are supportive in prayer, sharing resources, present as “family”, and encouraging one another.


The Community Life Team meets to discern needs and solutions, coordinate efforts, and follow-up on actions, all covered in prayer.  The Community Life Ministry is specifically intended for the members and regular attenders of Eagan Hills Church.

Prayer Team: immediate and on-going prayer during seasons of need
Assistance with food: food baskets through Kowalski’s and other donations
Hospital/Medical Calling: prayer and encouragement around medical situations
Life-Events: weddings, funerals, family changes
Mentoring/Coaching, women, men, and couples: one-on-one friends to encourage
Counseling: pastoral and/or professional, direction in personal and spiritual growth
Assistance with Critical Needs: home/auto repairs, physical help, budgeting, financial crisis, etc.

Let us know of some need or if you can help with a need.


There are serving opportunities available, if you are able:
1. … to keep us informed on what is happening within the church community
2. … to help with home or auto repairs, transportation, meals, calling, etc.

Questions?  Contact for more information.