The Story of EHC

Our history is the story of seven churches, the mergers they experienced, and the thriving congregation that is being formed in the process.

In 1980, Pastor Dave Stapf founded Open Bible Church (non-denominational) and the congregation met for worship on Sunday mornings at the Thomas Lake Elementary School in Eagan. Pastor Randy Barrows founded Calvary Memorial Church (1983), which was affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). The Church rented space for Sunday worship in Inver Grove Heights.
The two pastors (Stapf and Barrows) began to feel God’s leading to join these two churches together. The churches merged in the fall and formed a new Calvary Memorial Church (C&MA), holding worship services in a rented facility in Eagan. In 1986 the congregation purchased eleven acres of land at 700 Diffley Road. A facility was built and the first service was held on Christmas Eve 1987. Pastor Barrows transitioned (1989), the church was renamed Eagan Alliance Church in 1991, and Pastor Stapf transitioned (1997).
In 1988, Pastor Craig Osborne started Deer Creek Community Church (interdenominational) in Bloomington, and then moved to Apple Valley in 1991. Pastor Osborne transitioned (1994). In 1992, Pastor Bruce Konold started Aspen Hills Community Church (SBC), which held services in rented facilities in Eagan. In 1994, Deer Creek Community Church merged with Aspen Hills Community Church. In 1997, Eagan Alliance Church and Aspen Hills Community Church merged; dropping its affiliation with the SBC, and maintaining affiliation with the C&MA.
The church was renamed, Eagan Hills Alliance Church. We expanded our facility in 2004 and 2009 to meet the growth needs of our church family. Today, 300+ families (over 1,300 people) call Eagan Hills Alliance Church home. As a congregation we are humbled by how God has graciously worked in our fellowship.