Compassion Ministry

The Compassion Ministry of Eagan Hills Church assists those in our church community who might need assistance with food, rent or utilities, medical costs, clothing, etc., anything to do with meeting basic essential daily needs.

Each situation is carefully and prayerfully considered by the team as a whole, and all requests remain strictly confidential. The Compassion Ministry is 100% supported by donations from and work by volunteers within our church community.

What can you do?

  • If you have a need due to unemployment, medical concerns, or other life situations, please contact Compassion by email, use the Community Life Cards.
  • If God has blessed you with financial resources, above and beyond your normal tithe, you may dedicate your offering toward the Compassion Ministry.
  • Be part of the Prayer Team, regularly praying for those in our community who are experiencing needs.  Email your interest, please:
  • Serve by giving of your time and energy to help those in need.  If you have a specialized skill or time available to help in any way, email your interest,

Questions? Contact for more information.