Gather. Grow. Go.

The Y.A.M. is a community of young adults who do three things:

1) Gather for Worship

We all gather for worship Sunday mornings with the whole church body. Periodically, we also gather for fun events to build community through shared experiences.

2) Grow as Disciples

We grow as disciples through groups composed of community, sharing prayer, and learning together.

3) Go Live It Out

We go live out our faith through the Micah Initiative – by teaming together in the various areas we are passionate about.

Sunday Mornings

  • Every Sunday the church meets for worship services at 8:30, 9:45, & 11am. The services are all the same format and all meet in the Sanctuary. You can find young adults at each service, but to be honest most go to the later two services!


  • We frequently have fun events like bonfires and BBQ’s
  • Check out the Happenings for info on upcoming events


  • We have several groups that meet weekly or every other week. There are groups for different age groups and seasons in life:
    • College Aged, Post College (23+), Young Marrieds, Young Families (2+ kids).

Click here to find out more info on these groups and join one today!

If you have any questions or need help, let us know through the Connect page at the HUB.

Micah Initiative

Act Justly

  • Fighting human-trafficking, pursuing racial reconciliation, and more.

Love Mercy

  • Helping widows, orphans, homeless, elderly. and more.

Walk Humbly

  • Community outreach, mentoring teens, relational evangelism, and more.

Check out our Facebook page for more info on upcoming events and Micah Initiative opportunities!